My thoughts on the Jermaine Defoe PA ‘story’

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I really am not one to typically comment on such ‘stories’ however, I had some thoughtss on this and thought, why not. Sometimes its not bad to share..

Two thoughts

Firstly, an employer requesting confidentiality should not post such a detailed job specification with the business or principals name, in the public domain ( This is irrespective of profile.

Secondly, damage control. My protective instincts flared and I instantly wanted to protect and make this all go away- I’m a protective assistant!


My thoughts on the job specification itself?

Apart from the questionable grammar, this is not an unusual job specification for the private/business PA role. To the unfamiliar eye, the requests might seem a little over the top.

One must not forget, this is a role for a busy individual who requires someone to get on-board and help to streamline their life. That is the role of a private/business PA. There are many of us out there, each with varying roles.

You see, a principals PA is their right-hand person, they typically action the majority of the tasks needing to be undertaken by the principal. They gate-keep, ensure that the principal is reflected/thought of correctly and most importantly ensure that they deliver, on everything. Business targets, social engagements, family commitments, celebrations and essentially almost all that makes them, them.


The salary

What is undoubtedly drawing attention from the media is the salary, £50,000 to £60,000. In my own personal opinion, from many years’ experience, from having read the job description and having noted the fact that this is a role to support not only the principal, but, also his family, 24/7, the salary is acceptable.

The PA industry has spoken more in recent years about ‘equal/fair’ pay- it is a widely felt thought that PA’s are typically underpaid, and it’s difficult. A recruiter could approach you with two specifications for CEO/high-profile level roles, the roles could be extremely similar, and however, the salary could differ from a minimum of £5k to an infinite maximum.

The budget is dependent on the employer and of course how much they value/can afford.



The website where this job was listed, is extremely reputable and widely used. I myself have used it as a candidate.