Review | The Mark Hix Carving Masterclass

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I always find that the most unexpected events and invitations are quite often the most enjoyable. Something not to be missed.

An example, a memorable invitation from Brown’s Hotel, (thank-you), to attend a two-hour masterclass (6pm to 8pm) with the famed British chef Mark Hix, being given an overview of various cuts of meat, preparation, cooking tips and of course cutting techniques.

In between the carving of each roast meat, being served carved meat with a selection of side dishes and matched wines, selected by Mr Hix and from the Hix collection.

I wasn’t too sure as to what to expect- would it be engagingly interactive or am I just going to watch Mark Hix cut a variety of meats? Are they going to trust me with a knife, a sharp knife? (Hoping someone had told them that I don’t really use my kitchen.)

We were an intimate group of 10 in the Byron Room and couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome by Brown’s Hotel or Mr Hix himself.

The stress, complication and fuss of any impending Sunday Carving session at home has vanished in a two hour class.

Long gone are the slow cooking feasts. Mr Hix has quite literally revolutionised not just the British restaurant scene, but, the nation’s Sundays too.

This is the perfect masterclass for a novice like myself or perhaps like the other guests, newly weds & seasoned ‘carver/roaster’.

The evening unfolded as follows:

The Mark Hix Carving Masterclass cost £185 per person and include:

+ two hour masterclass

+ feast dinner including all carved meats served with potatoes and vegetables, a bottle of wine per person, desserts and a cheese course

+ brown’s hotel apron

+ signed Mark Hix cookery book


Upcoming dates

Wednesday 23rd November


Further information & to book

Please call Brown’s Hotel directly, 0207 493 6020 or visit


Thank-you to Brown’s Hotel for inviting me!