London Friday Night Skate – Hyde Park Corner

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something that has been around for over a decade! Something a little different and perfect for the Spring/Summer months

London Friday Night Skate (LFNS) and Sunday Stroll are weekly marshalled street skates in central London. The LFNS departs from Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner every Friday at 8pm. The Sunday Stroll departs from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park every Sunday at 2pm.

Both are weather dependant and so it is worth checking the announcements as to whether a skate is running, a few hours before the scheduled start. The events are open to all skaters able to stop, turn and control their speed on hills.

The Sunday Stroll is a relaxed slow paced skate; the LFNS is faster, more technically demanding and may involve hills and sprints. Both inline (‘rollerblade’) and quad (‘roller skate’) skaters are welcomed. Children are welcome provided they’re accompanied by a responsible adult willing to take them home if necessary.

LFNS runs purely for the joy of skating. Participation is entirely free and the skates are staffed entirely by volunteers.

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