N. Peal: 7th June, Hollywood Retrospective Talk

Sunday, May 29, 2016

On  7th June, N. Peal is joined by two people who have been especially moved by Hollywood in their lifetime achievements, and will be discussing how the stars have influenced them and their contributions to their contemporary.

From Audrey Hepburn, to Marylin Monroe, to Dustin Hoffman and most recently Daniel Craig, N. Peal has been embraced by the leading ladies and gentleman of the silver screen.

On the 7th of June from 6pm – 8pm,  N. Peal‘s Managing Director and owner Adam Holdsworth, will talk about why N. Peal has been so consistently linked with Hollywood since the brand started in 1936.

Also speaking at the event is a very special guest, Howard Mutti Mewse and his twin brother Austin who were introduced to the Hollywood Golden Age by their grandmother, who first showed them the film The Wind, starring Lillian Gish as young boys, which inspired a fan letter that eventually led to a youth spent meeting and becoming confidantes to the stars of yesteryear.

Howard joins Adam to discuss his up close and personal encounters with Old Hollywood and their lasting impressions.

To RSVP to this special event, please email kathryn@zambuni.com.

Image courtesy of N. Peal