May Fair Hotel – The Official LFW Hotel

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Official London Fashion Week Hotel – September 2016

I’ll be honest, I’m as shocked as you. The May Fair Hotel does of course have a lot to offer and it is in Mayfair, so what’s not to love….

When I think of The May Fair, I do not think fashion or fabulous.

Whilst the bar is all lovely and they do have fabulous Parmesan chip snacks, its not a place I enjoy frequenting and its clientele just aren’t those I wish to mingle with.

Yes,  the restaurant offering may have changed, but, the May Fair bar has retained its notoriety.

 Let’s hope those models have helicopters to airlift them to their shows, because, if there is one thing for certain, its that on a normal day, whether you turn left or right at that Berkeley street junction, you will find traffic.

Can someone warn Anna Wintour that her most favoured international supermodels are going to be in gridlocked horrific rainy Piccadilly traffic- thank-you kindly.

 Image May Fair Hotel