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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mayfair Office Girl has far exceeded my initial plans and expectations for it, I still have those thoughts hand scribbled in pencil, tucked away.

The site initially launched as a directory and I guess a guide for PA’s in the area. It wasn’t long after the launch that I started to realise the site was beneficial for workers, residents and visitors.

Over the three years, there have been many course changes, significantly in 2016 after a non-malicious hack during the previous winter. We were to focus on being a lifestyle site, not including the directory instead putting that onto a platform which will launch end February 2017.

The USP for the site? Covering only Mayfair, except on the rare occasion. No, not even St James, Marylebone, Soho- they simply are not Mayfair. Why? Because Mayfair is what I know, it is where my knowledge and intelligence is.

During these three years, I have been fortunate enough to be more involved in the community- working with Lanes of Mayfair, Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum, The May Fayre and most recently being retained by Shepherd Market Association as new co-secretary, with a focus on communications and events.

I have also acted as the Mayfair Ambassador to London Cocktail Week, and contributor to luxury lifestyle magazine, Chartwell Journal.

Through demand, in 2016, Mayfair Insight was launched, providing unique Mayfair insight to property agents, retailers and landlords.

January 2017, I was shortlisted in The Community Awards of Mayfair & St James’s 2017 for Bright Young Thing -being described as one of Mayfair’s leading ambassadors!

So, as you see, the website has taken a turn down a more commercial route and with this you will see other Mayfair fans/businesses/writers contributing to Mayfair’s first online publication.

Welcome to Mayfair Curated!

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