Be Cointreauversial this summer…

Thursday, April 13, 2017

La Maison Cointreau has just added Blood Orange to their library of fabulous liquers.

A refreshing spring addition to the cocktail scene, a tantalisingly new take on the triple sec classic,  this is set to the be the liquer of Summer 2017, the new Aperol Spritz, if you like.

As one would expect, these are not your classic Blood Orange’s, infact, they can only be harvested one month of the year, on the island of Corsica.

Perfect for mixing up classics like Negroni’s and Margarita’s whilst also pairing nicely with fresh lime, soda water and cranberry juice.

Launching at Royal Opera House, we were treated to a private ballet performance before retiring to make our own Cointreau cocktails.

Cheers to the fast approaching summer.

Buy from selected Waitrose stores Spring 2017- Cointreau Blood Orange 30% ABV/50cl- rrp £17

(we’ll let you know when we’ve found where it is served in Mayfair!)