Thank-you for the new developments, but, what about the pavements?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

One of the greatest ironies of Mayfair, Bond Street in particular is the unkempt pavements.

I have lost count of the ridiculous amount of times I have ‘appeared to trip/fall-over’ on these pavements. I still don’t know what is worse though. Tripping over or en-counting ‘pavement juice’ – I shudder at the thought of both.

So, why with all the funds that Westminster receives each year, do they not repair these pavements. One would imagine that it is your best insurance for ensuring that visitors to the area return. Now of course, one can encounter problems like ownership of certain paved ways etc etc . But, with organisations like New West End company bidding so intently to look after the streets of Mayfair, has nothing been done about this?

If landlords seek to draw in those big brands, they should take a closer look at home- in fact, take a look at how well looked after and maintained the following are, Mount Street, Heddon Street,  South Molton Street.

Of course, these plans might be underway and could well follow after Crossrail, similarly, I may also not really understand the intricate details of it all.

I am however though, certain that I speak on behalf of a significant number of irked Mayfairer’s.

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