Women Empowered at Sketch

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sketch Mayfair has become known as one of London’s most Instagram-able locations. The millennial pink interior has graced the photo streams of many top influencers – along with the infamous bathrooms with their quirky toilet cubicles.

Sketch has recently launched a new visual art exhibition throughout. Women Empowered features the work of 6 women artists to coincide with the City of London’s Work: Women and Power season.

The highlight of the exhibition for me was Lauren Baker’s work You Move Me (pictured), a large black bejewelled beating heart. While it’s great to see a display of all women artists, it left me wondering is that empowering in itself? The display could have done with more curatorial text and although there was a programme, I did have to seek it out myself.

If you’re going to Sketch for afternoon tea or drinks, it’s definitely worth checking the exhibition out while you’re there, but I’m not sure I’d make a visit especially to see it.

Image: Mayfair Curated