A lunch like no other at Street XO

Friday, August 24, 2018

The express lunch menu at StreetXO is like no other.

Descending into the one and only StreetXO can sometimes feel like an escape from the street-level craziness that is the West End.

StreetXO opened on Old Burlington Street in the winter of 2016 and was a tremendous welcome to the then quiet restaurant opening scene. The first Spanish restaurant to open in Mayfair, since El Pirata; with Sabor to follow, opening Spring 2018.

A venue that one might keep for the colder months is still oh so worth visiting for the cooler vibes during the summer months.

Their incredible lunch-menu- there are two options, Express Lunch and XOS0carrat Paella Menu, are each priced at £25 per person. It was suggested that we order both of the menu’s so that we could enjoy the full lunch-time experience. A total of 9 dishes, i.e. courses *grateful for not having breakfast*

Welcomed with cocktails, my guest, unbeknown to him, even though he is partial to a floral cocktail, was presented with what can only be described as a fish-bowl cocktail, it was larger than his head and more than set him on his way for a Friday afternoon. Thank-you.

It was a quiet lunch service, so we immersed ourselves fully, sitting Chef’s table style, watching over each dish being so intently prepared.

So, those 9 courses:

Usuzukuri-Carpaccio of Hamachi “Fish and Chips”,with Aji Amarillo and Yuzu (4 each)

Hot Smoked Hand-dived Scottish Scallops with creamy citrus ponzu, coconut-kaffir- lime reduction (1piece)

Ramen of Foie Gras & BBQ of Guinea Fowl, with black trompette mushrooms (1 each)

Korean Lasagne XO Style, aged Galician beef, shitake, hot & sour tomato sauce cardamom béchamel (to share)

Steamed XO Club Sandwich, Suckling pig, ricotta, quail egg and chili mayonnaise (1 each)

Galician Octopus who spoke Indian, Roasted taomateos butter masala and squid ink crackers (to share)

Green Asparagus Salad, with green olive emulsion, oranges and spicy chlorophyll acidulated oil (to share)

Spanish ‘Socarrat Paella’, with roasted chicken wings and Japanese white sesame dressing (to share)

Dessert of the day, optional

Each dish delivered by the chef responsible for its creation, and instructions on how to eat the dish (i.e. for the fish and chips, carefully roll with chopsticks). Instructions and fresh cutlery for each dish.

We were able to enjoy each course, even taking a few as our individual favourites- mine the Ramen, Octopus and Lasagne. Each dish criminal. We retired to St James’s Square to rest off one of our favourite lunches this year.

We had nothing but praise for each dish, our only concern that if we had conventional jobs perhaps it would not have been so Express. 

Thank-you to Street XO for inviting us to enjoy a beyond flavour party; we simply can’t wait to return.

Images courtesy Mayfair Curated