Grom gelato is anything but grim.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Opening early Summer 2018; the corner of Piccadilly and Air Street has been a tourist hotspot….the only reason that I have for not visiting sooner.

After a long summer break, which allowed for a daily gelato/ice cream; I have found myself seeking something sweet to take the edge off the afternoon.

So, I headed to Grom – thankfully, at this early afternoon point, I was the only person visiting. Phew. I sampled the Raspberry Sorbet and Hazelnut. I feel that I’ve eaten enough Pistachio until 2019.

So, avialble by the mini-cup, to the take-home carton; not to mention the Affogato. It sure is worth a visit.

Open 7days; 11am until 11pm (sometimes until midnight)