Caprice Holdings CAFE

Friday, March 8, 2019

Shrowded in mystery – what IS going on at North Audley Street – are we about to welcome an Ivy Café concept – The Ivy Café Mayfair – or is Caprice going to surprise us with another crowd pleaser? We LOVE them all by the way.

As yet, it is still all hush-hush on Caprice Holdings CAFE

What do you think though?

Personally, i think it would be nice to have another dining option on the street – we all find ourselves leaving Selfridges and thinking to walk into Roka, North Audley Cantine or The Mayfair Chippy; and settling (well, its not settling exactly) for The Beaumont.

What is clear though, is that there isn’t any scope for alfresco dining – boo; the space is big though, and we’re looking forward to seeing the private dining options that will no-doubt become available.

Watch this space – sometimes the edge is found in the North and not the East.

Image courtesy Caprice Holdings