In conversation with… Yulia Rorstrom

Monday, April 29, 2019

We spoke to Yulia Rorstrom, founder of Duck & Dry, to find out about the Duck and Dry story so far; and why she chose Mayfair for the next Duck & Dry salon.

Lovely to meet you! Tell us a little more about yourself and the Duck and Dry story so far..

I left behind a successful career in finance to start Duck & Dry, so I actually entered the industry with no experience of it! Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, I always knew I wanted to establish my own brand one day. It was only after a few trips to the US and Japan where I felt inspired to start my own blow dry brand, as I loved the experience element they had over there. That’s how the idea hatched to create Duck & Dry – which quickly became known as London’s finest blow dry bar. 

Describe Duck and Dry in 4 words:

Chic, cool, stylish, fun!

Why did you choose Mayfair as a location for the hatching of your new store? What resonates most with your brand?

Mayfair has always been on my radar for our next styling destination, but we were waiting for the right property. As soon as I found our location, I absolutely fell in love with the unit – it was exactly the kind of space I was looking for. Mayfair provides the perfect mix of clients for Duck & Dry, including residents, tourists and offices. As a central London hot spot, it complements our brand and offerings perfectly.

Tell us your thoughts on the hair and beauty scene in Mayfair as opposed to Chelsea/Spitalfields?

The ‘Mayfair Blowdry’ is all about a natural look, which is not obviously styled, yet has the right amount of bounce and gloss. The soft wave is definitely a Mayfair trend which we’re on our way to setting!

Where is your favourite place to have lunch?

If I’m feeling particularly hungry, I would go to the nearby Mayfair Chippy or I would get a salad and smoothie from Joe & The Juice.

What surprises you most about Mayfair?

Most people see Mayfair as a transient, touristy destination, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at the community atmosphere in the area – it’s almost like a wholesome, village like feel. It’s been so heart warming as so many neighbours and well wishers have popped in to congratulate and welcome us to the area. We’re loving it here already!

If you had a day to spend exploring Mayfair, where would you go and what would you do?

My day would start with breakfast at Jikoni with the best truffle scrambled eggs in town, followed by a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the latest exhibition. Then a stroll along beautiful Mount Street for some shopping and having a spot of lunch outside Scott’s on a sunny day. I love meandering down the small hidden streets, as well as appreciating the green spaces including Grosvenor Square. I would then end the day with some cheeky cocktails at The Connaught.

Do you have a favourite street in Mayfair? What do you like about it?

It would have to North Audley Street of course which has such a welcoming aura about it. It really does have so much to offer along with some cool new concepts coming to the street including a gym, food market and a range of restaurants. Then of course there’s refreshing Grosvenor Square nearby and with the wonderful Selfridges being just around the corner, it is so well placed in the area. 

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Image courtesy Duck and Dry