A new tenant for Dover Street Market?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The rumours are non-stop, the agents are running out of ideas and the residents have a concern as to what could possibly fill all-floors at the soon ‘to be gone’ Dover Street Market.

Potential retailers have been weary for one big reason- the rent… One could argue that a Fashion house would be most suited to be moving into the space… Retail front, stores, HQ, production and wholesale for Europe.

What would I do? For me, I see a seemingly obvious solution.. There is a natural split in the building where the ground floor retail space can be left how it is and the left entrance with lift/staircase access to the upper floors converted into studios, offices and of course some prime-residential..  Yes, the market is awash with concerns of rising office rents, this week alone, I have heard Mayfair prime office rents quoted at £80-£115 per sq ft..