Top 5 – London Fashion Week Hangouts

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It’s September, it’s grey + rainy, it must be London Fashion Week

Not invited to the shows or the after parties, but still want to head out and have a good time in Mayfair over the LFW weekend, then i’m totally recommending the below..

Sketch – it never ties and those sashaying curtains are just so, everything

Sexyfish– ignoring the name, the perfect spot for spotting those supermodels, hidden in the dark corners

Novikov a stone throw from the official London Fashion Week Hotel, surely a model or two will make their way over?!

Claridge’s Bar– a classic, a favourite among both the designers + models

Loulou’s at 5 Hertford Street– it needs no words and i’m sure we will be seeing lots of pap snaps of designers, models and London’s socialites making appearances at this hot-spot.

The Arts Club– another classic, I just love and it rarely fails.