Martini’s at Flemings Hotel

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Drawing Room at Flemings Hotel 

There are so few bars with fireplaces in Mayfair, so on a winter’s night we decided to toast impending December with Martini’s in a cosy fashion.

The venue? The cosy cosy (read cosy, yet, tiny) bar at Flemings Hotel on Half Moon Street, Mayfair

The Menu? The Drawing Room has an extensive cocktail, wine and spirits menu.

The Martini’s? Regrettably, the hotel was ‘out of olives’– yes the whole hotel- so we settled for two Grey Goose Martini’s, with a twist.

The bar snacks? Complimentary smoked almonds- there’s nothing worse than a salty almond or a lack of complimentary snacks;)

The crowd? Mainly hotel guests, which makes this a perfect spot to not bump into anyone.

The verdict? If you are looking for a cosy hotel bar to hide-out in, close to Shepherd Market and Piccadilly, then why not visit Flemings Hotel.