The Marvels of Mayfair Christmas Shopping

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The Marvels of Mayfair Christmas Shopping

In association with N Peal, Pickett, The Punchbowl and William Evans

Mayfair never fails to impress; it consumes us with stories of past generations dancing in decadence; all you have to do is look up at the exquisite buildings which are still standing tall and proud and now luckily for us filled with coveted heritage brands.

Magnificent yes but from the end of November until the end of January this jewel in the city of London sparkles even more brightly. The magical Christmas spirit is taken very seriously in Mayfair and why not. You won’t find another part of London looking quite so festive; a stroll through Burlington Arcade is a must, particularly if you are in need of a little convincing to get into the Christmas cheer and you’d be hard pushed to miss N Peal’s window of indulgence which simply invites you in to drape yourself and your home in all things cashmere. Who needs heating when you have N Peal!

 Once you have divulged in N Peal you simply have to stumble a few feet before you fall to your knees at the glow of Pickett’s heavenly colourful leathers. It’s hard to imagine that your Christmas leather wishes could be answered so wholly; and yet adventure further down into the rabbit warren you discover a burrow of bespoke envy, but all of this could be yours!

 Before your shopping list is completed venturing down beyond the arcade is key, one more stop before lunch at The Punchbowl is of course William Evans Ltd. Possibly the most endearing shop on our route. It encompasses you with a sense of belonging. You almost have to remind yourself that you are not at home and you cannot curl up on the ever inviting armchair; you must instead slowly cast your eye over all the wonders and remind yourself once more that you are not shopping for yourself!

 I defy you not to have your list completed. All in a day’s work.

 Thank-you Zambuni PR for putting this list together! 

Image courtesy Pickett