Lights, cameras, coffee!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cameras + Coffee  in Central Mayfair

Leica UK has recently opened a cafe concept across from their boutique on Bruton Place.

Teaming up with Borough Barista, offering one of the best coffee’s in Mayfair, in a trendy setting mere moments from the suited sophistication of Berkeley Square.

The reality though of this cool concept, is that they are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and that the majority of clientele when I visited one Friday morning, were infact ‘suits’.

Don’t let that detract you though, as this is another perfect location for coffee meetings, catching-up on the latest Leica news by reading one of their publications and enjoying the cool calm quiet of Bruton Place.

Of course, one must not forget that this is operated by world famous Leica, so, naturally your inclination to browse the boutique, a stones throw away, will only increase the more coffee you enjoy- clever Leica..Those suits mentioned above, well most are likely to have camera crazy teens.. The ROI on opening the Cafe doesn’t seem to bad now does it!


Image courtesy Mayfair Curated