Stella McCartney relocates to Bond Street

Friday, November 3, 2017

Stella McCartney’s new flagship

Fashion and Art. The two, a pair who seek inspiration from one another.

As international retailers continue to acquire further spaces on Mayfair’s famed streets they are creating masterpieces, experiential stores where one visits over an afternoon. The stores are the attraction and with so many more flagships arriving, Mayfair is regaining its crown as the leader of luxury retail in Europe. Dior, known as the Dior Town House, a quintessential store evoking many a Parisian memory.

So, following this trend, galleries and museums are thinking beyond the traditional preview nights, followed by long-term exhibitions. Galleries are streaming their preview nights live, like the fashion week catwalk’s, hosting shorter exhibitions and converting social media engagement into sales.

Famed British fashion designer Stella McCartney on the move from a once forgotten Bruton Street to Old Bond Street. The townhouse will feature three floors of retail space including a VIP suite overlooking Old Bond Street. Sitting elegantly across from Royal Arcade, the brands headquarters will operate from the remaining floors. Oh, and one mustn’t forget the courtyard, a Stella McCartney garden could be in the making. Architect Househam Henderson is responsible for transforming the space, recent projects including Elie Saab. I wonder also whether any of father Paul McCartney’s artworks will make the cut?

In partnership with Galleries magazine, September 2017