Urban Gardening Tips

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We are always admiring the wonderful floral displays outside The Dorchester. Now that summer is on its way and the flowers are in full bloom, here are some urban gardening tips to help you make the most of even the smallest outdoor space.

Philip Hammond, Head Florist at The Dorchester, shared his expertise with us…

What are the best flowers to grow in urban areas?

Heucheras are great flowers that will give you colour all year round whereas Topiary Trees add great structure to any space no matter how small. Trachelospermum are a brilliant climbing plant with a delicate scent, perfect for growing around structures. Single Dahlias and Lavenders add a splash of colour to a garden and are loved by bees.

How do you keep flower in urban areas healthy?

o   The quality of the soil is extremely important.

o   When planting, allow sufficient space for growth between the plants.

o  Water and feed plants regularly, especially during the warm days. We always water our gardens at 7am every morning.

What should you be planting now in May?

Plant out single Dahlia plants and they will start flowering from late June. If you keep cutting them they will flower for the rest of the summer.

What are the most hassle-free flowers to grow or those that require the least amount of hard work to look beautiful?

Bay and Olive Trees are really easy to care for and give instant impact. Lavender is also great whether in pots or the ground, it has the most wonderful scent and is great for bees.