Top 5 : Iced Coffee

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What do you do when the weather is hot and humid but you still need your morning coffee as soon as you get off the tube? Get an iced coffee, of course… Here is our pick of the top 5 places to enjoy an iced coffee in Mayfair.

1. Ergon Deli
Ergon Greek Deli on Conduit Street is a cool sanctuary tucked away from the bustle of Regent St. Their Freddo Cappuccino is the perfect combination of creamy and refreshing, so you don’t miss out on the indulgent coffee taste but get the benefit of the cool temperature. I opted for a bit of sugar in mine as it was mid-afternoon and I needed a boost, but I think it would taste equally good without. Open 8am-7pm during the week, 9am-7pm at weekends.

2. 19 Brook’s Mews
For a weekday caffeine fix, 19 Brook’s Mews is one of our favourites. They do a delicious iced coffee – but don’t forget they are closed at weekends. During the week, they are open from 7.30am – 6pm.

3. Epicurean Cafe
The Epicurean Cafe at Brown Hart Gardens is a lovely place to sit on a hot day. Grab yourself an iced coffee and sit outside or take it back to the office if you are pressed for time. Open 8am-8pm during the week, Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 10am-8pm.

4. Élan Cafe
Elan Cafe on Park Lane is well-known for the long queue which seems to be permanently outside. If you have the patience to wait for a table during the summer heatwave, you can enjoy one of Elan’s special cold brew coffees as a cooling reward when you get inside. And it’s open late… Monday-Sunday, 7.30am-midnight! Take-away customers can avoid the queue, so why not grab a cold coffee to go?

5. Popina
Popina opened earlier this year and since then has become a popular lunch and coffee destination. Open all week (8am-6pm) and at weekends (9am-6pm) and conveniently situated on Duke Street, it’s a great place to stop for an iced coffee during a shopping trip.

Image: Instagram (@popinaldn)