Looking for U at Unit London

Friday, July 27, 2018

Last week saw the launch of Unit London’s summer exhibition Looking For U.

The group show features work by eight emerging artists (or ‘ones to watch’) all of whom are exploring what it means to make art in a digital age. The exhibition brings together an interesting array of artists and media to explore themes of identity and communication in our modern world.

In particular, I was intrigued by the textured work of Michael Staniak and the bright, collage-like paintings of Philip Colbert. Colbert’s painting Dream Hunt¬†was one of the stand-out pieces in the show for me – an overloaded moodboard of animals, objects, and icons juxtaposing computer display messages and road signs with emojis and a reproduced portrait of Van Gogh. The work is a fitting exploration of the cultural and visual over-saturation triggered by digital media and communication.

Like these emerging artists, Unit London is one to watch. With queues to get into the gallery throughout both openings we’ve been to, we truly wish them all the best for this summer season.

Image: Philip Colbert, courtesy of Unit London