In conversation with… Serra Turker

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

We spoke to Serra Turker, founder of Misela, to find out about the Misela story so far; and why she chose Mayfair for her first store outside of Turkey.

Lovely to meet you! Tell us a little more about yourself and the Misela story so far

Thank you lovely to meet you as well! I was born and raised in Istanbul. I met the wonderful world of colours at a very early age and started expressing myself as a painter. After high school, I moved to United States to study textiles design at Rhode Island School of Design. Upon my graduation, I started working as a designer in New York where I fell in love with accessories design. It was at that moment that I decided to translate my textile background into timeless handbags and Misela was born. Misela is an Istanbul based luxury handbag brand that reflects a way of living that connects art, design and lifestyle. The brand is now celebrating eleven years with it’s first London boutique on Mayfair’s iconic Mount Street. 

Describe Misela in 4 words?

Timeless, colourful, elegant and eclectic.

Why did you choose Mayfair as your first out of Turkey store location? What resonates most with your brand? 

I chose Mount street, Mayfair because it is such a historic and iconic location which felt like a natural fit for Misela. The Misela woman is a world traveller, and this street is one frequented by stylish and global women.

Tell us your thoughts on the luxury consumer market in Mayfair as opposed to Istanbul? 

The Mayfair is the world’s most luxurious customer shopping location. Whereas our boutique in Istanbul is more of a hidden gem, located in Pera, which is very historic, somewhere only explorers would find it, unless they were specifically searching for Misela. 

Where is your favourite place to have lunch? 

La Petite Maison.

What surprises you most about Mayfair? 

How elegant and orderly it is considering it’s so central.

If you had a day to spend exploring Mayfair, where would you go and what would you do? 

I would have a coffee at The Mount Street Deli followed by shopping on Mount Street and visiting some of the gorgeous galleries. I also love South Audley Street for homeware stores. I would finish with drinks at The Connaught Martini Bar and dinner at Annabel’s. 

Do you have a favourite street in Mayfair? What do you like about it? 

Mount street, because it’s a very historic street and now home to our third store.

If you had to choose just three items from the Misela collection, what would those be? 

I would have to choose Deena at Riyadh, Mona at Anatolia and Serra at Pera.

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Image courtesy Misela