A new cocktail in partnership with Penhaligon’s at Mr Fogg’s Residence

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mr Fogg’s Residence has partnered with neighbouring British fragrance house, Penhaligon’s, to create the limited edition, Liquid Gold cocktail inspired by the historic brand’s newest fragrance, Cairo.

The cocktail is available on the menu from 26th June for one month only, at £13.

Presented in a goblet glass, Liquid Gold features a muddle of Henricks Gin, Fernet Branca, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and egg white. A light, super smooth cocktail, the concoction is garnished with edible gold vanilla spray, patchouli incense which is set alight before being served, and hibiscus powder, mirroring the floral and earthy notes found in the fragrance.

Each customer who orders the cocktail will be given their own scented handkerchief to take away; providing enjoyment for the senses long after guests have finished their drinks.


Image courtesy of Mr Fogg’s / KK Communications