Celebrating seven years

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Over the last seven years, we have informed and inspired.

Our loyal and engaged readers represent Mayfair residents, businesses and international visitors.

The platform features, a website, social media presence, newsletter, shop and soon to launch, members-club.

Fellow publications have used us as a news source, without credit. Copycat sites have launched, albeit questionably, and print publications have looked at us when choosing their new direction.

We have evolved and remained fresh, whilst also continuing to break global restaurant and retail news.

Mayfair Curated started as a passion project and remains the same today. I now consult to people I meet through Mayfair Curated, however, we do not need funding to publish. We have not and will not rely on advertised content.

Our difference is that we are local, we work and live in the area, we have for some 15 years. We know it, we care about its future and we will continue to support it as our new normal approaches.

As we continue on our nimble path, we will evolve into the next generation and look forward to you joining us on that.

Thanks so much for your support!

Image, Mayfair Curated