Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum (2015 to present)

Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum aka MNF is a business and residential neighbourhood forum, focusing on planning & neighbourhood management.

I was invited to join the Marketing Committee of Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum in Spring 2015,  to assist with social media and to provide views from the younger working generation in the area. Joining just ahead of the members consultation drive in the summer.

Shepherd Market (2017 to present)

Shepherd Market Association for Residents and Traders is a local association created to support the market area.

I joined the association as Secretary, responsbile for events and communications on a retained basis, effective January 2017. The role includes social media/marketing, administrative support for the area, event management of events such as the annual Shepherd Market Christmas Party, return of The May Fayre and general ambassador for the area.

In 2019, I stepped down from my Secretary role and have taken a space on the committee.

Lanes of Mayfair (2015 to 2017)

The Lanes of Mayfair represents the retailers of South Molton Street, Lancashire Court, South Molton Lane & Avery Row.

I was invited to join the events committee of Lanes of Mayfair in Autumn 2015 to assist with event ideas/concepts.